The MMC e.V. is an registered non-profit association, that was founded in March 2019. MMC enables its members worldwide to travel in a sustainable and CO2-neutral manner.

Tourism experts, sustainability specialists, professional divers and kiters, YOGA gurus, cooks, bakers, pastry chefs, conservationists, animal rights activists, marine animal protectors, green technology engineers, journalists, business administrators, skippers, meteorologists, IT staff, civil engineers form a higly competent team.

We all have one vision: If we  stick together  and perform smart, we could do all sustainable water sports (sailing, diving, snorkeling, kiting and SUP) anywhere on our beautiful earth, CO2 neutral and sustainable.

We are currently in the certification of and work together with suitable NGO’s and also goverment-organisations and companies who has a  sustainable performance.

is an example how to do the popular cruise, without sacrificing luxury but be sustainability and CO2 neutral.