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Statutes of the Association „MMC e.V.“

§ 1 Name, seat and financial year of the association

  1. The association carries the name „MMC“, after registration in the register of associations
    with the addition „registered association (e.V.)“.
  2. Seat of the association is Kirschensteige 17, 88069 Tettnang
  3. The financial year shall be the calendar year.


§ 2 Purpose of the Association

  1. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in the sense of the section „tax-privileged purposes“ of the German tax code. It is the purpose of the
    association to promote sustainable tourism. The focus of its activities is on sustainable
    cruise and diving tourism.
  2. The purpose of the association is achieved by the following measures:
    • Establishment of sustainability standards for cruises.
    • Management of sustainable MMC e.V. cruises that implement these sustainability standards in practice. In particular through:
      • Avoidance of CO2 emissions through waste avoidance, regional purchasing and the greatest possible use of renewable energies (especially wind and solar power).
      • Ensuring social and cultural compatibility through appropriate guidelines for action in the destinations.
      • Compliance with increased CSR standards (Corporate Social Responsibility) by members who are deployed on the MMC e.V. cruises.
      • Ensuring the CO2 neutrality of MMC e.V. Cruises by offsetting CO2 emissions through investment in global projects that bind CO2.
    • Training and further education of MMC e.V. association members.
    • Consulting with, as well as training and further education of, cooperation partners.
    • Lectures and events aimed at raising awareness of nature, culture and the environment in tourism.
    • Operational cooperation with national and international tourism organisations.


§ 3 Memberships

The association has full members (with voting rights) and supporting members (without
voting rights). Members of the association can be natural persons as well as legal entities.

§ 4 Attaining Membership

  1. The application for membership in the association must be submitted in writing to the
    executive committee.
  2. The board of directors decides on the application for admission of ordinary members.
    Membership begins when it has decided in favour of admission. A simple majority of
    votes is sufficient for admission. In the event of a tie, the vote of the 1st chairman shall be decisive. The rejection does not require a reason vis-à-vis the applicant.
  3. The admission of supporting members occurs informally with the application.

§ 5 Termination of membership

Membership for full and supporting members is terminated:

  1. by resignation, which must be declared in writing to the Executive Board by the last day of the 3rd quarter of the financial year. The resignation becomes effective at the end of the fiscal year.
  2. by death or, in the case of a legal person, by discontinuation of the legal personality of
    the member.
  3. by expulsion: A member can be expelled if there is behaviour damaging to the
    association or disregard of the statutes or non-payment of the membership fees for more than four months despite due date. The executive committee decides on the exclusion with a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the vote of the 1st chairman shall be decisive.
    The member concerned shall have the right to be heard before a resolution is passed.
    The member in question may object to the exclusion, which shall be decided by the
    general meeting. The objection is to be addressed in writing to the executive committee with reasons. The membership rights of the member to be excluded shall be suspended until the decision has been made by the general meeting.
  4. The end of membership does not release the member from fulfilling his or her existing
    obligations to the Association. /

§ 6 Membership fees and allocations

In order to fulfil its duties, the Association shall levy membership fees, the amount of which
shall be determined in a fee schedule to be adopted by the General Assembly.

§ 7 Organs of the association

The organs of the association are:

  • General meeting
  • The Board of Directors


§ 8 General Meeting

  1. The general meeting shall be convened when the interests of the association so require.
  2. Invitations will be published 4 weeks in advance on the website indicating the agenda.
  3. If necessary, the executive committee can call an extraordinary general meeting at any
    time. It must do so if it is requested in writing by at least half of the members entitled to vote, stating the item to be negotiated. Extraordinary general meetings must be held by the executive committee at least 14 days in advance electronically in written form, at which time the agenda must be announced.
  4. Each general meeting has a quorum regardless of the number of participating members.
  5. The General Meeting shall be held by means of an Internet conference. Each member
    receives protected legitimation data and a personal password.
  6. Resolutions are passed with a simple majority, except for resolutions to amend the
    articles of association, to change the membership fee regulations or to dissolve the
    association, which require a three-quarters majority of all votes present.
  7. A transfer of votes to other members is not possible.
  8. Each general meeting is recorded by the management. All resolutions shall be recorded in the minutes. The minutes will then be published on the website.


§ 9 Executive Board and Management

  1. The executive committee consists of the chairman, a deputy and an assessor.
  2. The executive committee appoints a managing director.
  3. The resolutions of the executive committee are passed by simple majority.
  4. Each member of the board has one vote.
  5. The judicial and extrajudicial representation of the association occurs through the
    executive committee, two members of the executive committee represent the association jointly.
  6. The function of the executive committee is honorary. Cash expenses can be reimbursed.
  7. The executive committee is elected by the general meeting for a period of seven years.
  8. The executive committee remains in office until a new executive committee has been
    elected and installed.

§ 10 Audit of accounts

Two auditors shall be appointed by the General Assembly for the auditing of the accounts.
The auditors shall be elected by the General Meeting for a period of seven years. The audit
takes place annually in the 1st quarter of the year for the previous calendar year.

§ 11 Membership fee regulations and bookkeeping

  1. The Fee Regulations provide for the levying of annual contributions.
  2. The accounts of the Association shall be kept by at least one simple income and
    expenditure account, but may also be kept by a profit and loss account with balance


§ 12 Non-profit status

  1. Funds of the association may only be used for the statutory purposes.
  2. The members may not receive any profit shares or, in their capacity as members, any
    other benefits from the funds of the Association.
  3. The association may not favour any person by expenditure which is alien to the purpose of the corporation or by disproportionately high remunerations.
  4. In the event of the dissolution or annulment of the association or the discontinuation of its previous purpose, the assets of the association shall be used directly and exclusively for charitable purposes.


§ 13 Dissolution of the Association

The general meeting decides on the dissolution of the association and on the use of the
association’s assets with a three-quarters majority.

§ 14 Effective date

These Statutes shall enter into force with the signature of the founding members.

§ 15 Legal Venue

The legal venue is the registered office of the association.

Gründungsmitglieder / Founding members

Dr. Britta Stolberg
Marcus Hirsch
Michael Pfaff
Nikolaus Epple
Christiane Empter Zanotti
Anna Wegener
Katharina Wiedemann


Membership Fee Rules

Membership Fee

  • Full member 24 € per year
  • Supporting member 24 € per year